Gut feeling / Intuition

Chapter 21

Good Monday Morning

As we start out into this week, I want to look into a topic that many of us often rely on but sometimes struggle to understand: gut feeling, or intuition. I just saw a magazine with the following title; “We all have our intuition and gut feelings, but can we really trust them?”

Our lives are filled with moments where we must make decisions without having all the facts at hand, and in these times, we often turn to our gut feelings.

Noah and the Ark: A divine hunch?

Just imagine: It’s a regular Monday Morning in ancient times. Noah is minding his own business when he gets a divine memo: “Hey Noah, build a massive boat because, you know, apocalypse.” Now, if that isn’t the mother of all gut feelings, I don’t know what is.

Trusting the inner voice (even when it sounds nuts) really? Noah’s neighbours must have thought he was out of his mind, there he was, building a colossal ark in his backyard, far from any lake or ocean or any body of water!

Despite the sceptics, Noah ploughed ahead, trusting his gut feeling or, in this case, a rather direct divine message, yet his gut feeling told him it was right and he didn’t mind being ridiculed. Here’s what we can learn from his boat-building escapade:

Listen to that inner voice: Noah didn’t just shrug off his gut feeling. He embraced it with enthusiasm. He took it seriously, even when it seemed downright crazy.

Act with courage and a little madness: Following your gut can make you look a bit bonkers. Noah’s commitment to his ark was rare but impressive.

Have faith and humor: Whether you call it faith, trust, or sheer stubbornness, believing in something beyond the obvious is key. Noah had more faith than all around, really an extra portion, but yes he did have favor with God! Does make a difference!

Wishing you a week filled with intuitive insights and favor with God as you act upon a gut feeling!



Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord, was a righteous man, walked with God, and had three children. Let’s just say it’s a good combination of elements for using your gut feeling!

I’ve translated the inspiring editorial as well. If you have the time, I’ll add it for you to read.

Gut feeling and intuition – Guideposts in the jungle of life
(ERF Medien Magazine 06.2024)

Dear reader

In the midst of the jungle of life, there is a quiet but powerful voice that is often overheard – the gut feeling. It is that intuitive whisper that guides, inspires and that guides, inspires and sometimes even warns us in an inexplicable way. But what is behind this seemingly mysterious phenomenon? The gut feeling is not just a whim of nature; rather, it is a gift from our Creator. It is a connection to our soul and to the divine, a kind of inner compass that guides us on our path through life. In the Bible, we find numerous stories that testify to how people trusted their gut instincts and experienced divine guidance. Let us think of Abraham, who left his familiar land on God’s instructions, or Mary, who responded to the angel of the Lord with a humble “May it be done to me according to your word”. In these moments, it was not just a feeling in her stomach, but the voice of God speaking through her heart. But how do we recognise this divine voice in the midst of chaos? It starts with silence, pausing in the midst of the storm. If we take time to listen, we can hear the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit speaking within us. It is this intuition that shows us the way, that comforts and encourages us, even when the path is rocky. But our gut feeling is not only a connection to God, it is also characterised by our experiences, our fears and our joys. It is a mirror of our soul that shows us who we are and where we can go. It is therefore important to be mindful and discern whether our intuition is influenced by God or by our own desires and fears. As a Christian media organisation, it is our job to spread the message of hope and trust. In a world full of uncertainty and doubt, we would like to encourage you to trust your gut feeling, the divine voice that speaks in your heart. May you seek the silence, may you may you listen to the Holy Spirit and may you find the courage to walk the path that God has prepared for you. With this in mind, I wish you God’s blessing and much wisdom on your journey. Best regards, Hanspeter Hugentobler, Managing Director.
(translated from German)

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