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Chapter 15

After the great flood, humanity began to multiply and spread across the earth. As they migrated eastward, they settled in the land of Shinar. The people of Shinar decided to build a city with a tower that would reach the heavens, symbolizing their unity and power. They yearned to ascend to the heavens, to bridge the chasm between mortal and divine. With each brick, they endeavored to log into the celestial realm, to access the divine beyond.

Reading from Genesis 11:1-9

But their ambitions knew no bounds, they sought to erect a monument that would pierce the very veil of the heavens. With relentless determination, they labored to fashion a tower that soared ever higher, reaching towards the celestial sphere with each brick laid and each stone placed.

Have you ever experienced this issue with one of your accounts?! I know I’m taking a far reach from the important story of Babel in history to a failed login attempt on an email or other account, but bear with me!

The tried to log in;

Your login attempt failed. Your password must include a capital letter, a lowercase letter, a number and a special character.

Your login attempt failed. Your password must include a letter, a number and a Chinese character.

Your login attempt failed. Your password must include an uppercase letter, a Chinese character and a Disney character.

Your login attempt failed. Your password must include a capital letter, a number and a hieroglyph from the dynasty of Amenhotep IV.

Your login attempt failed. Please retype a previous password in Sanskrit.

Your login attempt failed. We’ve sent a recovery code to the first hotmail address you created in the fall of 1996. You can access it through your MySpace account.

Your login attempt failed. We have sent a 16-digit login code to your mother’s email address. To ensure your security, the email also has the last 300 pictures taken with your cell phone.

Your login attempt failed. Please fill out this Captcha to access your account. Click all of the pictures that show despair.

Your login attempt failed. Because you enacted dual verification, we are contacting your former spouse and previous employers to verify your hair color in selfies recovered from your deleted photos. (smile, sometimes it really feels like this! )

In our quest to bridge the gap between the earthly and the divine, we often encounter hurdles that challenge our resolve. Just as the people of Shinar faced obstacles in their quest to reach the heavens, so too do we encounter login failures and setbacks on our spiritual journey.

The frustration of failed login attempts mirrors the trials and tribulations we face in our quest to connect with the Divine. Whether it’s navigating the intricacies of password requirements or grappling with the complexities of faith, the journey is not always straightforward.

The people of Babel were punished for their arrogance, but they were also enriched by diversity, including languages and cultural variety! While not every failed login attempt leads to confusion, it can lead to the enrichment of language, tribes, groups, and a sense of God reaching out to us. Just as many of our daily login attempts fail, reminding us that we cannot reach high enough to get to Him.

Therefore, take heart! Although the path may have obstacles, remember that even a failed login attempt can be an opportunity for growth! As we navigate spirituality, may we find comfort in knowing we are not alone – despite failed login attempts, God reaches out to us!


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