Why I commute?

Embracing the commute: Why I spend 2 x 50 minutes a day commuting by train:

Just a random Tuesday! 08.08.2023

Life is a journey filled with transitions and changes. As we navigate through various chapters, we often find ourselves in-between spaces, moments where we’re neither here nor there. For me, this in-between space is my daily commute. Despite spending 2 x 50 minutes each day travelling from Biel-Bienne to Bern and back, I’ve come to realize that this time is far from wasted. I choose to embrace my commute and how it has become a dedicated part of my daily routine.

  1. Time for reflection and planning
    The commute provides me with a dedicated space for reflection and planning. These moments of solitude away from the demands of work and social life allow me to evaluate my goals and accomplishments. I often find myself jotting down ideas, setting new objectives, and organizing my thoughts. This daily routine fuels my dedication and keeps me focused.
  2. A mental bridge two cities
    The journey between Biel-Bienne and Bern serves as a mental bridge between my home and workplace. It provides a boundary.
  3. Social media, time to reconnect during my commute

Life is full of transitions, and it’s during these in-between spaces that we have the opportunity to grow and transform. My daily commute from Biel-Bienne to Bern and back may seem like a considerable investment of time, but it has become an essential part of my path. Just like a phoenix rises from the ashes, I’ve come to learn that even in-between spaces have a purpose and can lead ahead on a good path. So, whatever your current in-between space may be, embrace it, for it is only temporary. Embrace the change, and remember that life goes on, with new chapters waiting to be written.

“Between every two pines, there is a doorway to a new world.” — John Muir

Wishing you a good Tuesday evening!

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