Crossing Boundaries

Unveiling the Power of Job 24

Welcome to this new week, the 28th week of 2023.

As you embark on this Monday morning, let us reflect on the significance of boundaries in our lives or those boundaries of others. They extend across various dimensions, influencing our personal lives, relationships and spiritual journeys.

The book of Job, Chapter 24 presents a thought-provoking exploration of social norms and their violations. Job questions the absence of timely divine judgment and ponders the waiting of those who know God. He vividly describes the actions of wicked individuals who brazenly transgress boundaries, perpetrating injustices and oppressions. They move boundary stones, seize flocks, drive away donkeys belonging to orphans, and exploit widows by taking their oxen. The vulnerable are thrust aside, forced into hiding, left hungry and exposed. Job brings attention to the suffering of the poor, toiling for sustenance in desolate wastelands and seeking solace in fields and vineyards. Under the cover of darkness, the wicked prey on the defenceless, perpetrating crimes that escape the light.

While immediate consequences may not befall them, their existence is cursed, their lives fragile and transient. Job asserts the unassailability of his words, challenging anyone to prove him wrong.

Deep within the heart of Job 24, resonates verse 2, “Some remove the landmarks; they violently take away flocks, and feed thereof.” These words reverberate with intensity, revealing the stark reality of boundary transgressions and the consequential disregard for established limits. They pierce our consciousness, compelling us to confront the far-reaching implications that arise when individuals trespass ethical boundaries. and Injustice. Jobs words in this chapter exposes the repugnant behaviour of boundary violators, unmasking the injustice and harm they inflict upon others and his feelings towards this behaviour.

Job 24’s contemplation of justice, providence, and suffering resonates deeply in the world we inhabit today. Jobs message defies tradition, proposing audacious solutions grounded in unwavering faith, breaking free from the chains of fear and despair. Through this unique lens, we acquire invaluable insights into God’s perception of our circumstances, receiving a transformative tool to navigate the tumultuous waters of distress and uncertainty.

Why, seeing times are not hidden from the almighty. By “times” seem to be meant God’s special periods of exhibiting himself in action as the moral Governor of the world, vindicating the righteous, and taking vengeance upon sinners. Such “times” are frequently spoken of in the prophetical Scriptures as “days of the Lord”. When Job complains that God does not make visible His righteous rule, his meaning is that God does not exercise such a rule. This is the thought about God that alarms him, and makes his heart soft.

As you navigate this week, aware that you may be treading uncharted waters, I wish you a truly blessed and the right portion of “seeing times” and a soft heart as we have seen happening with Job. (after a lot of complaining to be noted!)


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